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In our culture, marriage is a holy ritual that unites two individuals, as well as their families, as per a famous Astrologer in Gurgaon. The husband-wife relation is bound by soul. Thus, even though anyone of them is upset, the love and care amongst them is endless and stays unbroken.

However, there are moments when quarrels happen, and they can cause differences. This impacts the love they have between them. In this case, they must employ astrological remedies that might aid in lessening the differences.

According to the best astrologer in Jaipur, the reasons for differences between couples can be identified from their natal chart. Here are a few possible reasons:

  1. Dasha mismatch of couples, such as constant Trik houses Dasha of both.
  2. Manglik Dosha of a partner because of their unmatched horoscope.
  3. Moon sign lords are unfavorable to each other, owing to which there is a big difference in personalities.
  4. The existence of malefic planets in marriage houses, such as the 7th house, 2nd house, and Lagna.
  5. Nadi Dosha within the Ashtakoot Milan 

What Is The Remedy For Avoiding Marriage Break-Up?

There are times when differences between the couples occur. They are even sometimes detached from each other, and there can be chances of a break-up. In that case, one can use remedies to avoid break-up or separation.

If you are in a marital relationship and want to avoid separation, you must perform this remedy during Shukla Paksha on Friday, when the Moon is placed auspiciously in the natal chart. 

The site where you’ll carry out this remedy must be clean, an astrologer in Jaipur suggests. If it is not, you need to clean the area using Gangajal before carrying out the remedy. For more optimistic results, you can sit on a red coloured woolen blanket and face the northern direction.

The next thing you have to do is worship Goddess Parvati and chant a Mantra. Whenever you are chanting this Mantra, you must offer green lentils to Goddess Parvati. Once you are done with the chanting, you must pray to the Goddess or the ancestral Lord looking for harmony and bliss in marital relation.

You must take a square-shaped wooden box as soon as this is done. Fold the red cloth four times and put it inside the wooden box. Also, you should offer 108 green lentils in a bowl and light a lamp before the picture of the Goddess on its right side.

After that, the lentil bow must be orbited around oneself seven times and fed to the birds. However, things may change soon, and everything will calm down if this astrological remedy is carried out every day for 21 or 31 days with complete devotion.

What Is The Remedy For Saving A Marriage?

Lal Kitab remedies can be used for saving a marriage, says the astrologer in Gurgaon. As per Lal Kitab, issues in marriage arise because of Moon, Mercury, and Mars.

Because of the Moon, there is a lack of feelings between the married couples. The planet Mars is responsible for differences and misunderstandings between husband and wife. The following are a few remedies that can be done:

  1. You can offer fruits and sweets to God and later distribute them among the elderly in the family.
  2. The bride must clean the floor of the house using salted water at least one time a week.
  3. The nails must not be cut on these days: Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
  4. The bride must wear yellow or golden bangles to assure peace in married life.

What Is The Remedy For Improving The Congeniality Among Husband And Wife?

While the spouses start ignoring each other, the amiability in their relationship begins to reduce. This can impact the contentment of their marital life. In such case, you can use this mantra: "Girl Sudha Ripu Karhin Milai" Gopad Sindhu Anal Sitlai.” Chant this Mantra for increasing peace in your relationship.

Ensure that you chant the Mantra daily 3 or 5 times around a garland until things get normalized. Recite the Mantra in a peaceful setting while sitting on a wooden blanket.

Once you are done reciting the Mantra daily, you must pray to the ancestral Lord, searching for peace in peace in the married life.

How Can Saturn Bring Problems In Married Life?

The planet Saturn plays a vital part in creating problems in married life states the best astrologer in Jaipur. If this planet has a connection with the marriage house, then there can be chances of separation. If separation occurs because of Saturn, then the people liable for it are the family members. To avoid this situation, the best astrologer in Gurgaon advices to offer pour water to Lord Shiva each morning. Also, keep mustard oil iron containers and offer them on Saturday.

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